Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Domain Registration and Hosting

Web Hosting Company makes arrangements to provide backup services

The ever increasing demand of online presence has tremendously increased use of internet.  As it is a known fact that maintaining an on-line presence generates stream of revenue through the online customers who purchase different services and products they may require.

Because of the tremendous potential of on-line business, most of the companies struggle to maintain an effective on-line presence through attractive company websites. 

Web Hosting is a service that helps the websites go live so that your customers on the web are able to interact with you.  Without web hosting your company website will remain offline and hidden from the rest of the world.

Finding a Reliable Hosting Company

Success of your on-line business will ultimately depend upon the quality of service you are able to receive from the web hosting company you choose for your company website.  Websites are very important for all the organizations especially for the companies that have extensive public dealing.  Companies that are providing different kinds of on-line services such as finance, airline, hotel bookings and eateries etc., can’t simply afford a downtime of few minutes for their websites.  This down time would mean that thousands of their web customers will be unable to carry out their transactions with them. 

You may find many companies providing web hosting services.  These companies may be offering different service plans such as sizeable web spaces, unlimited band width, personalized e-mail accounts to attractive mail box tools and also some attractive discounts.   Never-the-less, most of these companies miserably fail in delivering the quality services especially when it is required of them to maintain 24/7 website availability. Web Hosting Company in Islamabad takes prides in providing quality hosting services to its customers. 

Listed below are some of the services that Web Hosting Company in Islamabad is providing to many customers with excellence.  They are enabled to maintain their high quality customer and professional services because of their extensive industry experience and the availability of efficient resources.

Data Safety

Data is the vital part of any transaction.  Company that is dealing with public may have sensitive information about customers on its website.  Website may have data about customers’ particulars, bank accounts details, credit cards numbers etc.  Therefore the need for data security and safety goes beyond any mention.  Web Hosting Company in Islamabad has initiated fool proof arrangements of data security and integrity.  Their powerful web hosting servers are fully equipped with state of the art fire walls and anti-virus software. 

Efficient Backup Support

They have taken necessary arrangements to be able to provide full backup support to their customers’ websites. They have team of technical experts who are able to solve all the glitches which a website may experience.

They have established 24/7 customer help lines that are easily accessible.  Their professional office staff is able to provide all the information that customers may require.

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